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Kudos to Megan Stamp for her phenomenal Customer Services!

!! Meg made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. I was out of town, she was local, she was responsive, attentive, easy to talk to and work with. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I feel that she represented me 100%. I will definitely recommend using Bosshardt Realty Services.

Anne Marie Narine-Richards

How often does your real estate agent insist on negotiating down your buying offer when you've decided you're willing to pay more?

Meg calling me to say she had shaved off another $5,000 from the purchase price was a perfect foreshadowing for how the entire buying process went. She consistently went above and beyond, gave sound advise, and took every call. I cannot recommend her enough. Frankly, she's the kind of agent who makes you want to keep buying and selling, work with her at your own risk!

Kathleen Mary Phillips

Meg was an amazing negotiator with the tenant that was living in the house we sold.

Very professional

Robert A. & Annette M. Kalb

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